Design Tips to Add Value to your Home

If you are thinking of selling your home, there are a few simple (and some a bit more involved) things you can do for adding serious dollars to the end result of the sale.

Open plan is the new black as they say, so if you house has a lot of small separate rooms consider removing a wall or two and installing some interior bifold doors or sliding doors that can be used to open up the entire space when desired. If possible, combine the living, dining and kitchen areas to create one large space. If the splashback in the kitchen looks anything like mine, consider replacing it as it can really lift the whole room without breaking the bank.

The easiest thing you can do to lift the mood of the interior or exterior of any house is a fresh coat of paint. If you fancy it or have a low budget, consider doing the work yourself or at least doing the walls and leave the ceilings up to a professional as these can be hard on your neck. Take a look at the colour and condition of the paint the walls are currently in – you might be able to get away with only doing the skirting boards or windows. Choose light and bright colours for the inside to lift the rooms and give the impression of more space.

Doors and fittings get a lot of use throughout the lifespan of a house. Buyers don’t like to see worn out door hardware or windows so spend the time and money to replace this. If the budget will allow, also look into replacing traditionally hinged exterior doors with some high quality exterior folding doors or sliding doors. No matter what the style of your house there are a big range of exterior folding systems to choose from, with companies like Brio and Centor providing first rate quality hardware and many customization options. Be sure to choose quality double or triple glazed glass though to maximise energy savings.

Windows tend to get overlooked when cleaning a house but can make huge difference to the overall look and the quality of light entering the house. Get the glass squeaky clean and make sure all locks and latches are working well. If you have an insect screen that has holes or rips, replace it and consider installing a pleated insect screen.

Details such as the kitchen cupboards and built in wardrobes should also be considered. If you have built on robes with sliding doors, check that the sliding door tracks are rolling smoothly, if not give them a clean and spray with some light oil. If they are in need of replacing, make sure you use good quality sliding door hardware – it really make a difference.